You can also shoot safely


If we Czechs heard gunfire somewhere nearby, it certainly wouldn`t leave us cold, and we would probably at least start looking around to see where the wounds were coming from, what was going on, and whether there was any danger in connection with it. Or we would rather just go somewhere else preventively, or where we could hide if necessary. Because security is security.

When someone from the conflict areas hears the shooting, he reacts even faster, having unfortunate experiences. He will definitely not stand still and will not care who shoots it, what type of weapon he has, what he is aiming for and why…

voják v terénu

But there are also people for whom shooting is fun. They have a shooting for their hobbies, and whenever they get a chance to shoot a weapon, they are willing to use it. However, it is understandable that one of us does not just do something like that. In our country, the laws are quite strict in this regard, and therefore those who want to obtain a permit to possess a weapon must fulfill a number of obligations. And even if someone gets such a weapon in the end, they can`t shoot it as hard as they can.

And so both those who may not own it for various reasons and those who might and would like to have it do not have their own weapon, but it is not worthwhile for them to buy something similar only for a few shots at the target. And of course, even those who don`t have the money do not have it.

voják v akci

But even those who do not own a weapon can sometimes taste what such a shooting entails. After all, there is a shooting range Prague on which they will lend customers some weapons and all their equipment, and here those interested can shoot under the supervision of capable instructors who will make sure that nothing happens to anyone.

So if you ever want to play the soldiers, you are welcome here. You and English-speaking foreigners.